Film Studies Where Have You Gone?

I definitely miss my film studies from back home. Heaps and heaps of films from Dekalb County Public Library used to cross my eyes for years upon years upon years and the cost was a whopping zero dollars. Except for my late fees which amounted to about $50.00 over the course of a decade. Good deal for me. Quit actin’ a fool and take advantage of what your tax dollars paid for. I certainly did and it expanded my cultural awareness by a million fold. At one point in time I carried cards for Dekalb County, acquired when I was 8 years old, Gwinnett County, acquired when my parents moved there, and Fulton County, when I moved there. Not to mention the access to the Galileo network.

It should be noted that while the film vaults there are impressive, their music selections, most especially the jazz and blues, are absolutely stellar.

My Haven When I Lived In The ATL

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