Forward Ever. Backward Never.

Sir Coxsone Downbeat

Nuff respect to Clement “Coxsone” Dodd. The Master of the Royal Society of Jazz, King of Soundsystems, and Founder of Studio One Records, 13 Brentford Road, Kingston, JA, West Indies.

While he is obviously not singlehandedly responsible for the birth of Jamaican music in this World, his role was beyond pivotal in fostering the environment for the cream of the crop of Kingston session men to craft their creative works on a daily basis while laying the foundation for the ghetto youth to express their vocal abilities to the ears of those beyond the local alleyways.

The invention of the emphatic backbeat contained within ska music led directly to the development of rocksteady in the sweltering summer of ‘66, the birth of the one-off version in the late sixties, the reggae vibes that began at the dawn of the 70’s, the roots and culture riddim of the 70’s and the onset of dancehall from the digital era of the 80’s to the conscious movement of the mid-90’s to the present. His presence is felt in every single one drop that hits the airwaves. I’ll sip a Red Stripe with you on the otherside Sir Coxsone. Much love.

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