Frank Mitchell Jr. – “Booty Lock” b/w “Body and Mind”

A mysterious rogue hailing from Washington DC, Frank Mitchell Jr. has a voice like honey and the sensibilities of a man that’d make Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield blush. This debut 45 features the no-nonsense roller-skating disco jam “Booty Lock”. Rubbery bass, wah-wah guitars, and silky horns don’t even begin to describe the naughtiness within. On the B-side, in this case “B” for “bad ass,” is “Body and Mind” another future Soul classic. Just get a little closer and let the rhythm grab you by the hips and draw you in!

Frank Mitchell Jr. – “Booty Lock” b/w “Body and Mind”; ESL, 2010

Frank Mitchell Jr. - "Booty Lock" b/w "Body and Mind"

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