Fruits and Meat Pies

I had mangosteen the other day for the first time. This fruit is illegal to export to the US because the fruit inside the outer layer cannot be reached with spray or something like that. Anyways, they taste absolutely awesome, and if you’re not careful you can stain whatever you are wearing with the deep red color that comes off that outer layer. The taste is a sweet, tropical one similar to maybe kiwi or peach. That’s probably an offbase description, but whatever. I need one in hand to truly remember the taste.

Also tasted rambutan the other week. While the taste is delicious, the look of it is even better. Like a fat strawberry with tons of bristle looking things shooting out of it. It’s awesome to see a pickup truck stacked to the top with them riding down the street. Even more awesome to indulge in one.

Speaking of food, before I came here, I read all kinds of things and heard all kinds of hearsay about how the water and food was gonna fuck up my digestive system for days and days upon end. None of that every posed a problem.

Until, I covered a story for the paper concerning an Australian woman who lives here in Phuket nicknamed Lady Pie. She runs a shop in Cherng Talay area and serves up Australian meat pies. As popular as they are in Australia, I couldn’t tell you where in the hell you would find something like that in Atlanta, so I had never had one in my life. She served up all kinds of delicious pies, gave me a couple of cups of tea, and a really really good piece of New York style chessecake which is something I was craving after having not been at home for my birthday where my Mom would have made one damn good NY-style cheesecake.

Regardless of the meal being delicious, it made me shit like crazy after it went through my system. Normally I wouldn’t share digestive diatribes with you, but I thought it was entirely hilarious that the food that finally fucked up my system was authentic Australian food. Looks like I’ll be keepin’ it Thai like usual.

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