Gerardo Frisina EPs

A collection of Gerardo Frisina EPs including:

Club version of the single “Will You Walk a Little Faster?” and a club-dub version of “Joy Shout” both taken from the Join the Dance LP.

A tribute to his inspirators using an unreleased live percussion recording by Sabu Martinez found in the Gigi Campi archives. Blended withing this rhythmic pattern is a sample from Sahib Shihab’s Seeds.

The Spiritual South remix is an oddball, outpacing, electro-tribal take on “Beyond The Moon” which revolutionizes the whole song. The flipside of the record contains a Soul-Jazz interpretation of the same song which is contained on Frisina’s Hi-Note LP. Another cut on the B-side is a reinterpretation by Nicola Conte’s Combo of “Gica’s Dance.” This catchy Jazz-dance tune maintains the same lean-rhythmic sound of the original, but the musicians’ ability to improvise over the main theme is the highlight of the cut.

“Will You Walk a Little Faster?” 12″; Schema 2010

Frisina Blends Sabu Martinez & Sahib Shihab 12″; Schema, 2004

“Beyond the Moon” / “Gica’s Dance” Remixes 12″; Schema, 2005

Gerardo Frisina - Will You Walk A Little Faster 12" Gerardo Frisina - Frisina Blends S. Martinez S. Shihab 12"Gerardo Frisina - Beyond The Moon Remixes Gerardo Frisina

Top Rankin' Hi-Fi - Counting Numbers Version #4
Quantic and his Combo Barbáro - Caliventura Remixes EP

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