Gerardo Frisina EPs

Date November 15, 2009

Two EPs from the incredible Gerardo Frisina. Salsa and Latin grooves, dynamic percussion, hypnotic flute lines, improvised scat-style vocals, subtle bells, smooth Jazz, Batucada and African-tribal beats, laidback trumbet and piano elements, and heavy, dancefloor-directed Broken Beat and Deep House vibes. Simply superb in every way. Incessant rhythms straight to your head.

Gerardo Frisina – Donke De 12″; Schema, 2008

Gerardo Frisina – Samba Skindim 10″; Schema, 2009

Gerardo Frisina - Donke De / Batucadas Gerardo Frisina - Samba Skindim

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