Ghana Soundz: Afrobeat, Funk, and Fusion in 70’s Ghana


These here platters represent some of the absolute filthiest rare grooves you’re ever going to hear and they’ve been burnin’ up the Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi ever since they were delivered. Careful not to let your feet combust when you cut a rug to these gems.

Consider this musical offering a fuck you to the individual who stole my computer and the links listed below that were contained within. I was going to post these albums on the day all that went down, but sure enough I couldn’t. Well, I’ve finally managed to link ’em up for your listening pleasure.

Of course I was highly upset over the theft, but it doesn’t mark the first time it has happened to me and it also doesn’t mark the first time that I’ve reflected on how fortunate I am in this world to be able to not only have owned an iBook in the first place, but, additionally, to be able to purchase another one when I want to.

To put things in perspective, consider the time and circumstances that these recordings were made and relate that to the exuberance expressed within the groove. To further put things in perspective, the picture above is the village of Mafi-Dekpoe, located in the North Tongu district of Ghana, rejoicing over the arrival of fresh water in September 2005.

Given that, reflect my people and don’t take your luxuries for granted.

Ghana Soundz Vol. 1Ghana Soundz Vol. 2

The Now-Again Sound
The Budos Band: The Budos Band II

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