I’ve been saying the expression “Goo!” for quite sometime now and I’ve traced it back to likely coming from D-Bar, but I honestly have no idea where it originated from. I use it often and it never really dawned on me as to what it means or where it came from until someone asked me what it meant. The best I could offer was that it was often used with a negative connotation perhaps when something is ridiculously overpriced or in reference to some busted chick or something like that.

Ahhhh…no shit. I decided to surf on over to Urban Dictionary and give it a go and sure enough the proper explanation was given. Instead of deleting this entry, I’ll just provide the definition for any and all who are unfamiliar with the phrase. Note that the word can be said in quick manner style (Goo!) or in a drawn out style (Gooooooo!). Bet this one never makes it into Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged.

Defintion: Used to describe a surprised disgust at something or a situation. Originated from Adam Sandler in the movie Billy Madison. Example:

The One Nero: “Yo Danny Barbs, have you seen the midget crack lady on Northside Drive yet?

Danny Barbs: “Yeah I was walking outta the Amoco the other day and, when I turned around, I saw her and immediately yelled…Goo!!!”

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