Guess What? I Do What I Want

Are end-of-the-year lists set in stone once the calendar flips? Generally, I guess they are considered to be solidified after a month into the new year, but guess what? I do what I want. So, I’m editing them. Slightly.

I laid down my selections for my best records of 2008 about one month ago, and also tossed in my selections for upcoming albums throughout 2009. I’m confident about my choices for the 2008 records; I’ve only decided to swap two of them (Nod to Sasso).

I swapped SP’s Movin’ Along (#1, now #4) with Q-Tip’s The Renaissance (#4, now #1). Reason: Well, SP’s joint features killer beats, the concept was rather novel, the flows from him and his crew held it together throughout, and it got spun plenty of times on the hi-fi. However, from an overall-quality standpoint, guess I gotta say Q-Tip’s wax is certainly superior. Legendary cat, highly-anticipated, nasty grooves, and zero other MCs to carry the record from start to finish. So that’s that. Laid in stone.

Top Five Hip-Hop Records

  1. Q-Tip – The Renaissance
  2. Jazz Liberatorz – Clin d’Oeil
  3. P.U.T.S – Fun DMC
  4. SP – Movin’ Along
  5. Black Milk – Tronic



As for the upcoming 2009 records, I’m now only confident about two of them. The Whitefield Brothers turned out to be a strike since it is simply a reissue. The PPP joint is certainly not the fire I expected it to be, so that was strike two. The Soul Jazz release 100% Dynamite: Dancehall Meets Rap In NYC was chosen prior to seeing the tracklisting which ended up featuring cuts I already have and others that don’t seem essential, so that’d be strike three. Well, what to do?

I came across quite a few that I had either forgotten about or didn’t know about at all, and figured I’d just rework the whole thing. Note that M. Ward’s fantastic recent release Hold Time is not on the list since it’s already in the library. I also added more to the list to make it a Top 10 ’cause, like I said, I do what I want.

Top Ten Records To Be Released in 2009

  1. Rancid – Untitled Hellcat Release
  2. Quantic and his Combo Barbaro – Traditions in Transitions
  3. NOMO – Invisible Cities
  4. Mayer Hawthorne and The County- Untitled Stones Throw Release
  5. Lord Newborn & the Sugar Skulls – Untitled Ubiquity Release
  6. Nostalgia 77 feat. Keith and Julie Tippett – The Nostalgia Sessions Vol.1
  7. Betty Padgett – Self-Titled Reissue
  8. SA-RA Creative Partners – Untitled Ubiquity Release
  9. Kings of Convenience – Quiet IS the New Loud
  10. K’Naan – Troubadour




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