Happy Halloween

Halloween, that holiday that sadly got left behind when I moved to Thailand, is right around the corner. I’ll be doin’ a whole lot of nuthin’ to celebrate the day, but I did put this wax on last nite to get in the mood just a little bit.

It’s the “Halloween” episode from Bob Dylan’s “Theme Time Radio Hour”, perhaps one of the finest, most original radio programs that I’ve ever heard. Second, of course, to “Jazz Classics” hosted by H. Johnson.

If you’ve never given it a listen, then you’ve been missing out for the past couple of years. Use this episode as your introduction or browse the archives for another theme more suitable to to your liking. They’re all gems.

Bob Dylan’s “Theme Time Radio Hour” presents “Halloween”; Oct.25, 2006

Happy Halloween! Don't get axed!

Mi Kwaam Suk Wan Loy Krathong
Inbound to Phuket

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