Haul and Pull Up Selecta

Dave Hendley is a Reggae photographer, journalist and compiler based in the south of England. He started writing for Blues And Soul magazine in late 1976. In 1979, he co-founded the Sufferers Heights label. Throughout the middle of the 70s, he visited Jamaica many times and took many iconic photographs of Reggae artists. View his portfolio here.

In the late 70s, he worked with Trojan Records and compiled a number of compilation LPs for them including six volumes of Creation Rockers and two volumes of Rebel Music. This compilation showcases many of the heaviest sounds of the era & includes more than its fair share of previously hard-to-find Dancehall classics spanning 1979-82.

Haul and Pull Up Selecta: Heavyweight Dancehall 1979-82; Trojan, 2003 Part 1; Part 2

Haul and Pull Up Selecta

Phil Pratt - Dial M for Murder
Augustus Pablo - Message Music

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