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Bad news via the Stones Throw newsletter. That “new” Whitefield Brothers album that is set to be released on February 24th on Now-Again Records, the same one I have been overly anxious to hear and predicted to be #1 on my 2009 year-end best records list, is, in fact, just a repackaging of their debut album In the Raw that was released on Soul Fire Records back in 2001.

So, what else can I really say except that this news fucking blows. I was certain that this piece of wax would have been a nasty dose of stripped-down, dirty funk riddims, but it’ll simply be a nicely-packaged version of an album I already own which has steadily killed my hi-fi for years upon years. Wish Egon would have originally noted what was to be expected instead of simply writing that they were set to release an album this year. Guess they did toss in three non-album tracks, but I scored those long ago via the Grazing in the Trash collections. Well, thanks for the letdown fellas.

The Whitefield Brothers – In the Raw; Soul Fire Records, 2002

Whitefield Brothers - In the Raw Resissue Whitefield Brothers - In the Raw Original

If you’re not down with The Whitefield Brothers, you need get on that shit pronto. Consider the following your introductory lesson. First topic is that The Whitefield Brothers are actually The Poets of Rhythm, who are comprised of the following lineup and who also go by a wealth of other aliases that are listed below.

The Poets of Rhythm:
Boris “Bo Baral” Geiger : Lead Vocals / Percussion / Musical Director
Jan “JJ” Weissenfeldt (Whitefield) : Guitar / Musical Director
Jan “Curly” Krause : Fender Bass
Till “Spooky” Sahm : Organ / Moog / Rhodes
Malte “Malteo” Müller-Egloff : Alto Sax (later replaced by Wolfgang “Wolfi” Schlick)
Wolfgang “Wolfi” Schlick : Alto Sax / Side Flute
Michael “Treetop” Voss : Trumpet
Max “Muggy” Weissenfeldt (Whitefield) : Drums

The Poets Of Rhythm known aliases:
Bo Baral’s Excursionists of Perception
Bus People Express
Dynamic Soundmakers
Karl Hector & the Funk Pilots
The Mercy Sluts
The Mighty Continentals
The New Process
Organized Raw Funk
The Pan-Atlantics
The Soul-Saints Orchestra
The Soul Sliders
The Whitefield Brothers
The Woo Woo’s

Now for the extensive discography courtesy of the folks over at Paris DJs. Wish I had a all of these tunes, but I have no idea where to hunt them down or even the cash to fork over to score these highly-limited pressings.

Complete Discography: Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5

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