Hepcat remains one of my favorite bands of all time. Their vibes have been in steady rotation for well over a decade and have never grown old. Traditional Ska/Rocksteady done right in every way possible; incredible instrumentation coupled with outstanding vocal harmonies. Few can hold a candle to the sounds of Hepcat!

Hepcat – Out of Nowhere; Moon Ska, 1993

Hepcat – Scientific; BYO, 1996

Hepcat – Right on Time; Hellcat, 1998

Hepcat – Push ‘N Shove; Hellcat, 2000

Hepcat - Out of Nowhere Hepcat - Scientific

Hepcat - Right on Time Hepcat - Push N Shove

Medline - People Make The World Go Round
Cedric 'Im' Brooks

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