Hoops Fever…or the Lack Thereof

This is the time of year when hoops fever is supposed to be in full effect. NBA on TNT doubleheaders every Thursday, featured games on Wednesdays and Fridays on ESPN, and Sunday doubleheaders on ABC. Not to mention the glory days at 1041 when NBATV was hooked up and supplied 24-hours of content. Now, the action on the hardwood only makes it to my eyes via some Web highlights every now and then. Not enough to make me feel involved. So it goes.

Well, check the two videos below which reminded me how much I miss The Association. Best facials from throughout November and, while D-Wade’s is supremely nasty, my favorite was A.I. 2.0’s monstrous jam. My goodness. Replay, then replay, then replay…

By the way, I’m lovin’ the Sixers decision to go back to the 80s logo. That red, Adidas track jacket is looking hella sweet! So does the Court Series version.

Keepin' the Streets Safe
Tokay Gecko (Gekko Gecko)

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