Hotlanta v. The Windy City

The hometown Atlanta Hawks finished off the Orlando Magic to advance to the NBA Conference Semifinals where they will take on the Chicago Bulls. While I worshiped the red and black when I was growing up, I’m showin’ no love to ’em at this time and truly hope to see my city’s team in the Eastern Conference Finals. On the musical tip, we have a showdown representing both cities via two free releases that came my way in the past week.

From Kitchen Dip comes the fresh duo, outta the Windy City, known as Stypes with their 7 Stories High EP which is a throwback to the grassroots era of Hip-Hop and features production from cats residing in Canada, the UK and New Zealand. Give it a listen in advance here or go ahead and pick up the album.

Stypes – 7 Stories High EP; Kitchen Dip, 2011

Stypes - 7 Stories High

From SMKA comes the third volume in their highly-successful 808 Experiment series. Featuring production from ATL’s own 808 Blake with rhymes dropped from a collection of artists representing various parts of the States. Find out for yourself if this serving is for you and why this series of compilations has garnered praise from numerous online and print publications. Give it a listen in advance here or go ahead and pick up the album.

SMKA – The 808 Experiment Vol.3; SMKA, 2011

The 808 Experiment Vol.3

I got no YouTube cuts to offer from the release, but you can check out one of their premiere artists, Aleon Craft, at his recent release party for Mothership Decatur.

So, what’s your pick…The rough, cool, breezy sounds of the Windy City or the fresh, scorchin’, sizzling sounds of Hotlanta? Regardless of your choice for vibes, we all know Esperanza is the unanimous winner for the tightest cover design!

Hawks! Yeah!!!!! Bulls! Boo!!!!!

Blundetto - Bad Bad Versions
The Senior Allstars

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