If I Lived in the ATL…

If I lived in the ATL this weekend, you’d find me at Corndogorama over at the new Lenny’s. When can you quit calling it the “new” Lenny’s by the way? Definitely a downgrade in my book. Nothing beats standing in a yard and getting wasted on PBR with some nice tunes to accompany it.

I recall last year happenings including accidently ashing on a baby’s head which was seriously not my fault and The One EK can defend that but the lady bitched me out regardless and then we laughed as she walked away, chillin’ with Sandee and her dog, singing along to The Avetts who were dressed in football uniforms to honor the World Cup, massive downpours creating a river behind The EARL, The One EK’s food being stolen in the split second it takes to knock back a Jager shot, which I still have no idea how the busboy could have swiped it that quick, the same busboy denying taking it while eating the The One EK’s French fries, oh that was fucking hilarious, and whatever else happened after that…..good times.

I’d be over there late Saturday afternoon watching the eating contest, Zoroaster, and Moresight, but then I’d immediately jet to The EARL with my advance purchase ticket, since it’ll sellout, to watch Cadillac Jones open for Charles Walker and The Dynamites while drinking some Terrapin. The One EK and I saw this same lineup earlier this year or late last year and they killed it. Nasty riddims from both outfits.

On an ATL note…Nuff Respect to the State Street Soundsystem crew. We’re boss.

The One $$$.

Remember Greg Burns reaction when he saw The One EK’s liberty spikes. Classic.

“Eric, ga-ga-goooo-good tooooo seee yewww,……..yeah,……..still playin’ baseball?”


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