Impeach the Precedent

This album was released to benefit the Rainforest Action Network. Quality vibes throughout with a choice selection of exclusive tracks from a slew of dope artists. Peep the tracklist here.

V/A – Impeach the Precedent; Kajmere Sound Recordings, 2005

Impeach the Precedent

Didn’t know it until I made this post, but there were two previous ones in this series. The Funky Precedent, from 1999, focused on the L.A. underground scene with Hip-Hop, Turntablism, Latin and Soul vibes throughout (info here). The Funky Precedent Vol.2 followed in 2001 and focused on sounds from the Bay Area (info here). Both compilations benefited local schools in Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Pick up the first volume below, which looks key, and you’ll have to hunt down the second one, which looks mediocre, yourself.

V/A – The Funky Precedent Vol.1; No Mayo, 1999

V/A – The Funky Precedent Vol.2; No Mayo, 2001

The Funky Precedent Vol.1 The Funky Precedent Vol.2

Duke Lumumba - Jungle Funk
Ricky-Tick Big Band

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