Improbable, Yes. Impossible, No.

The Hawks vs. Celtics series is currently tied at three apiece. It’ll be hella difficult for them to win up in Beantown, but they’ve already proven that they are tough as nails and will take it down to the last second. If the miracle happens it’ll forever be the greatest upset in the history of the NBA. Give it your best fellas, you’ve already proven your will to the entire World.

On another note, this type of series, with its David standing up to Goliath storyline, is what turns franchises around. Even if they lose game 7, the entire ATL has already boarded the bandwagon and the atmosphere will grow more and more next season. Just my luck, NBA basketball gets popular in the ATL the year I depart my hometown. Execute efficiently up North fellas and you’ll go down in the history books.

Update: Well, they didn’t execute well up North and were subsequently waxed on the ol’ parquet. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of young fellas since you took the series way farther that anyone would have ever thought.

Let’s not really good too far ahead of ourselves in the praise department though. Reason being…it’s now time to prep for next year and keep working toward that ever-allusive winning season which last came a decade ago during the 1998-99 season. Yep, still the longest streak of losing in The Association. Nonetheless, big ups and nuff respect to the Hawks.

Hawks Time!

Celtics Time!

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