In Memory Of…

December 26th marked the 4th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami and I attended the tsunami memorial in Bang Niang, Khao Lak. The ceremony was held at the site of the 813 Marine Police boat which was swept approximately two kilometers inland during the event where it has remained ever since to serve as a constant reminder of the massive strength of the waves that hit this area. I took some pictures, but the short video will give you a much better sense of place.

The ceremony involved a performance from the Royal Thai Navy Band and some local performers. There was also a release of floating lanterns, known as khom loy in Thai, which are traditionally used during Loy Krathong Day, but are often seen in the night sky in this area, as they offer a beautiful sight to the eye and sense of peace to those who release them. It was a simple ceremony and the viewing of the boat is really all you needed to understand the magnitude of what happened in that very spot.

In memory of all those who perished on that tragic morning…

813 Marine Police Boat

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