In Need of NFL Action

Note to all my ATL folk. I’m raising the middle finger to you all because of my jealousy towards your ability to watch football (American football aka REAL football that is) on both Saturdays and Sundays. Goddamn I wish I could just bullshit on a couch and watch some bone-crunching action all weekend. Oh well. Life goes on.

I wrote that paragraph above last nite at the Internet cafe and when I went home at around 2:30 am I flipped on the TV for the hell of it and sure enough the Bears vs. Chargers game was live on the air. Despite being tired as hell, I was forced to watch the first half at least. Not much scoring going on in the game, but there were wicked hits left and right from those defenses. The first hit on Grossman was nasty! Straight up blindsided. Goo!

What is strange about the broadcasts here in Thailand is that television stations outside of government-owned stations are not allowed to show commercials for profit. Thus, they can show commercials for their own programming but not for advertisements. Star Sports, the station that picks up Fox’s feed, chooses to just stay at the stadium and they leave the mics on while the American folks are watching commercials. It is rather interesting to see them set up the graphics and hear them discuss how they are going to handle certain commentary. You can hear Aikman and Buck chat about plays that happened and what they think about them. For example, Grossman threw and INT and Aikman was saying that they needed shots of him talking to the receiver because he said everyone likes to harp on Rex but that INT was totally not his fault, Berrian just stopped on the route. Sure enough, when the broadcast resumed they did the whole run down. Just a little behind the scenes action for the folks in Asia.

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