9°28’51?N, 100°02’35?E, Not That, Not This, Through My Lens

Ao Phuket, Ao Makham and Laem Panwa, Phuket

In the Span of an Hour at Laem Panwa

Chillin’ out around Laem Panwa and atop Khao Khad in Phuket, one of my favorite areas of the island. A quiet and relaxing escape from the continual activity along the west coast with natural surroundings and scenic views. On this day, in the span of an hour, a menacing storm came over the hills and then moved out to sea. As I sat up there taking in the scenery, the native eagles circled about the hilltop and, as the storm pushed out to sea, a double rainbow (in fact, a faint triple) appeared and stretched from bay to bay. So intense!

Laem Panwa,  Phuket

9°28’51?N, 100°02’35?E Not That, Not This Through My Lens

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