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The skies opened recently over Southern Thailand and, before finally moving to the Andaman region and out to sea, left a wake of destruction, across areas of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Krabi and Surat Thani, from flooding and landslides. The low-pressure mass that remained stagnant over the area was entirely unseasonal as this is the height of dry season.

Here on Samui and surrounding islands, life largely came to a halt with widespread flooding resulting in impassable roads, electricity outages and the cancellation of all flights and ferries leaving no way to access or depart the island. The infrastructure improved quite rapidly and, once the weather system moved out, we welcomed sunny skies to help dry up the land. Glad to welcome blue skies, feel the scorching sun typical of the peak of summer and see the rebuilding taking place. My thoughts are with all those who lost loved ones and the thousands who lost their possessions.

Around Samui in video: Massive boulder nearby my house, Channel NewsAsia report, Here’s what the streets around the island looked like

Around the South in pictures: Devastating landslide in Krabi, Incredible floods in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Damage throughout Krabi, Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surat Thani

Surat Thani

Phun Phin, Surat Thani

Na Khao, Krabi

We all know the Earth can show its incredible beauty and its sheer destructive power as well. Check the simply stunning time-lapse footage, from Terje Sorgjerd, taken atop El Tiede, the highest peak in Spain, for evidence of the former.

Been vibin’ on Ikebe Shakedown’s Hard Steppin’ EP for a few months now and I’m highly anticipating hearing the sounds of their upcoming release on Ubiquity due out in early June. Give the tune “Tujunga” a listen below and stay on the lookout for the full length. If you haven’t heard the EP, pick it up here.


Long-lost video reels of the NYC Ska Mob have been unearthed courtesy of the YouTube channel from StrikkklyROCKERS. On offer is a stellar collection of videos featuring the Version City Rockers performing some crucial covers as well as videos of other members from the NYC scene.

Months have passed since the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest went down, but I gotta serve up my two cents since no ruminations have been delivered since then. Overall, I was definitely impressed with the jams and there were some pretty innovative dunks in the mix that I had never imagined. Serge Ibaka retrieved a teddy bear from the rim with his teeth which was pretty clever and took off from the charity stripe which is always impressive, but doesn’t shine that much to me. Blake Griffin was a monster on the court this year, but his dunks (side of the backboard windmill, 360, off-the-glass honey dip, and jumping over a car…or the hood of a car to be more clear) were certainly nice, but fell below what I imagined would come from his powerful arsenal. Not surprised he was the winner as a result of the fans from “They Dunk. You Decide.”, who must have assumed it was a popularity contest.

My final round would have featured Javale McGee, who showed off his multiple ball tricks including three balls on one dunk and two balls on separate goals on the same dunk…Nice!…and the true winner in my book, Demar Derozan, whose highlights included the ‘East Bay Funk Remix’ dunk which was hella difficult (44 = bullshit) and the killer ‘Show Stopper’ dunk which was the best of the evening. Check it below as it’s certified sick! He got robbed again this year, but I hope to see him take it to ’em in 2012.

Cheers to the Samui Flair Monster who can be found at Lamai Walking Street every Sunday evening on the beach road. These guys have some tight tricks up their sleeves when it comes to bartending and constantly rock a smile on their face even if a shaker gets spilled, an ice cube gets dropped or a bottle gets smashed. They definitely don’t take it too seriously that is for sure. Rarely order cocktails from them, but always check out their show as I wait for my pizza at the booth beside theirs while listening to them blare either House or Luk Thung vibes.

Big ups to NYCTrust for sending me one of their limited-edition mixtapes. The Swing-A-Ling session is the first of many to come from NYCTrust Radio. Keep up the great work with the label and ‘preciate the hookup.

NYCTrust - Swing-A-Ling-1

NYCTrust - Swing-A-Ling

Where’s that Swing-A-Ling name from you ask? Charlie Ace’s mobile record shop of course! While browsing some pictures of it on the Web, I came across Jah Bill’s custom model. Guilty of being jealous. That’s a boss replica!


Charlie Ace

Love seeing the Swing-A-Ling Mobile Record Shack in action and, even more so, Charlie Ace’s reply to “Where did you get the idea from?” and “Do you think you are doing a function by getting the music to the poor black people?”. One love!

Finally got my hands on two kilograms of the inimitable aroma of Srinavas Sugandhalaya nag champa. Its constant presence in my home has been well missed for years. Fantastic to take in that scent again when I opened the box. Now I just gotta keep that supply comin’ from here forth.

Nag Champa

There are literally tons of platters that blend nicely with burnin’ nag champa, but, for that initial one, you know I had to toss This is Augustus Pablo onto the turntable. Strictly meditative!


On the hi-fi at the present while compiling these thoughts is the CE crew, from the ATL, preachin’ the truth!

Check the wealth of boss wax served up from the following YouTube channels. Wicked Roots tunes on these vinyl sides that were thankfully shared from SamCeMar, JamaicanRootsWebsite and PabloKingStoned. There are more cats out there dishin’ out similar vibes, but just wanted to feature these. Nuff respect and keep the grooves flowin’.

Just one selection of the many crucial roots vibrations to be found is Sangie Davis and the Gatherers with “Words of my Mouth” b/w The Upsetters “Word a Mouth Dub”. Massive chune! Jah bless!

Big ups to my crew from the ATL, Esperanza, for continuing to deliver choice designs as they have been doin’ for years. Wish I could check out a Bravos ballgame with you at the Ted, cheer on the Hawks as we look to finish off the Magic in Game 5 (sweetness!) or just chill out doin’ nuthin’ but chattin’ on the porch with a delicious brew in hand. Someday soon I hope. Until then, keep holdin’ it down in the ol’ hometown. Guidance!

Tomahawk Chop

Alpha Boys School Coasters
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