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It’s been a helluva long time since I dropped a ruminations post. Eight months to be exact. Spent the latter part of last year at home in the U.S. and have been busy since my return with this, that and the other. However, the following things have crossed my path in past months. Some are more recent, some aren’t.

Antibalas are set to release their latest effort via Daptone on 7th August. If simply reading that wasn’t enough to give you goosebumps, then take a listen to edited-versions of “Sare Kon Kon” (Killer!) followed by “Dirty Money”. With an extended hiatus since Security, the crew shows they are clearly still in fine form.

This Is My Home is a short documentary on Manhattan resident Anthony Pisano. It highlights the treasures found in his apartment and his sincere warmth as a person. Just wonderful. Watched this one a while back, yet it hasn’t lost its charm in the least bit. Check it if you’ve never seen it!


Andrew Jervis, store clerk of the legendary Groove Merchant record store in San Francisco and A&R representative of Ubiquity Records, recently started up a new site titled The Sport of Selection. Head on over there for the Friday Night Session and other audio adventures. While grabbing the link, I just watched the Kutiman video below. Dope!

Did a double take when I saw the Wonderwheel Catalog Mix compiled by DJ Nu-Mark. One of my favorite DJs diggin through the crates of a label run by another one of my favorite DJs, Nickodemus. More please!

Counting the days til the new Lions records drops on Stones Throw. Check the preview track, “This Generation (Dub)”, and I’d kill to get my hands on the five-song sampler disc that dropped via Someone send it if you got it! Vibe on the live sounds below. Niceness!

Came across Caprice87’s YouTube channel somehow and was left speechless at what I found. Goldmine of dance videos from the late eighties to early nineties. Need something to make your day? How ’bout this gem featuring a line dance to Adonis’ “No Way Back”…Neck-snapping dude at 1:28 had me rollin’!…or the gem below featuring Captain Rapp’s “Bad Times”. Mindblowing!

Take a look back into Yo! MTV Raps and the impact it had on culture and music around the world. Almost instantly when I see a reference to this show, “The 900 Number” by 45 King starts playing in my head. Classic moments throughout this video.

Gotta dish out some news from the hardwood. Didn’t follow the action from the Association in the least bit this year. The shortened schedule kicked off the day I left from the States to return to the Land of Smiles and I never checked any highlights online as the season progressed. Revisited the best moments as the playoffs got underway. Gerald Green’s windmill dunk and Blake Griffin’s superhuman jam were some of the nastiest I’ve seen. Insane!

NBA Slam Dunk Contest was totally lame this year. Weak participants doing weak as hell dunks. Here’s the “low”lights. Guess Jeremy Evans’ two-ball dunk was pretty dope, but that’s about it. Boo!

Congrats to Bron Bron for finally getting his ring. Certainly was rooting for the Heat to lose, but they deserved to take home the Larry O’Brien trophy. Still hate the way Miami’s ‘Big Three’ came together and the whole ‘Decision‘ thing, but King James is definitely one of the greatest hoops players ever and I’m glad he got his due. Gotta love the video below.

Check out NBA TV’s The Dream Team documentary of the 1992 USA men’s Olympic basketball team. Legendary hoops heroes who changed basketball on a global level. Fantastic memories of being a 12-year old and watching their incredible level of play, then trying to emulate it in my driveway. Great to relive the awesome moments and to hear the commentary on the squad’s experience.

The Dream TeamPart 1, Part 2, Part 3

Moving away from the hardwood to the blacktop, Doin’ It in the Park delivers a look into the culture that is streetball in New York City as Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau take us on a journey to courts around the city. Another one I can’t wait to see!


Well, moving on to other non-hoops related ish…

Listening to U Black’s “Jammys A Do It”, a version to The Travellers “Poor Man Cry” platter while compiling this. Studio real hot girl as I would say! Murderous style!

Tall Black Guy crushes 12 vibes on his Tempo Dreams: Volume 1 session. Check the samples below. Pick up the full length here. Smooth sounds throughout.

Following Texas Thunder Soul (still waiting to see it!) comes another music documentary that is essential viewing. The story of Charles Bradley as told in Soul of America looks completely captivating!

Paris DJs has always had you covered on the audio front. Now, in conjunction with Fred Feuillet, of Full Power Prod, and interviewer Nicolas Ragonneau, they are serving up some stellar footage of musical happenings in Paris including recent performances by Céu, The Black Seeds and Neal Sugarman (below). Keep checking back for more. Also, be sure to check out the other stellar videos (Charles Bradley, Quantic, Belleruche, TM Juke & Jack Baker Trio) from Full Power Prod here.

Never thought I’d see the day when these two things happened. 1. The Avett Brothers featuring Dirk Nowitzski on tambourine during “I Killed Sally’s Lover”. 2. Matisyahu lookin’ hella different. Say what???

Hi-ho! Ron Burgundy and gang are back for another Anchorman flick and here’s not one, but two teaser trailers. That is good news!

Watched these films, and a few others, while on a long-distance (very long-distance) flight from the U.S. to Japan. One made me laugh, two made me pissed off. Recommended.

Clever idea for this Trojan Records elbow tat. Reggae Got Soul! Nice one!

Big Youth recently stepped foot into Bakery Studio to voice a couple of Breadwinners riddims. Check the vibes on “By the Sweat of Your Brow” and “Joy” which are presented here unmixed and direct from the mic. The last cut is Al Breadwinner serving up a live dub mix. Riddim forward!

Tim Armstrong, from Rancid, recently stepped foot into Guitar Center’s Hollywood store to serve up three special tunes on his acoustic six-string. We were treated to “East Bay Night” off Let the Dominoes Fall, a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Big River” and a folk-version of “It’s Quite Alright” off Rancid V. These have been in heavy rotation for months.

B+ gives us a look into the Ondatrópica project from Mario Galeano and Will ‘Quantic’ Holland which is due out via Soundway on 16th July. They assembled an all-star cast of Colombian musicians at the legendary Discos Fuentes studio in January of this year with a focus on reinterpreting the tropical musical heritage of Colombia with new approaches in composition, arrangement and production in a classic and mythical setting. Gives me the chills!

Jaw-dropping cinematography in Tom Lowe’s TimeScapes which came out recently and can be purchased here. It’s the first 4D film to ever be sold to the public. Completely in awe over the visuals in the two trailers below. Simply astounding!

‘Til the next ruminations session…Jah Bless! Guidance!

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