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The outer rings of Typhoon Ketsana have been dowsing this area in recent days with heavier-than-normal showers. Nothing compared to the devastation it caused in parts of Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Wishing the residents there all the best during their recovery.

A 7.6-magnitude undersea earthquake off the coast of Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia resulted in tsunami warnings yesterday evening here in Khao Lak and along the Western shores of Thailand. Luckily, after a few hours, they were revoked when the seas showed no signs of tsunami activity. Whew!

While writing this, another 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck 200 km (125 miles) southeast of Padang. While it’s obvious that the seas don’t change instantaneously, it’s still somewhat unnerving as I’m sitting 150 meters (0.10 miles) from the shore as I write this.

Typhoons in the South China Sea, a tsunami in the Western Pacific Ocean, and earthquakes in the Eastern Indian Ocean on the border of the Andaman Sea. Mother Nature is unleashing on this area right now.

Moving on to more lighthearted fare and what I had originally jotted down before the above events occurred.

OPIV has been gettin’ frequent spins lately. While browsin’ the Web, I came across a couple pics I had never seen before. Too bad Lint either has his back to the camera or is outta frame in them. Hedgecore!

Operation Ivy

Operation Ivy

Found this Madlib and J Dilla post (…there are links in the comments also) on We’ve Got The Jazz about one week too late. Got about 80% of the wax already, but I’d kill to get some of those CDRs that I’m missing. Fuck.

Rumor has it that Mighty Mos might be featured on the upcoming Madvillain LP. Check these videos (Session #1 & Session #2), courtesy of Frolab, of him droppin’ DOOM rhymes.

Stones Throw is most definitely hella dope. Then again, sometimes they drop shit that I totally don’t feel and totally don’t understand….i.e. Folerio and Computer Bagel.

The Bangkok Post has to be the only newspaper in the World that has the thinnest edition of the week on a Sunday. Every other day is filled with great sections and content. Come Sunday, it’s one section of World and Thai news and a special sports insert. Puzzling.

When is that Distant Relatives joint droppin’. Goddamn that snippet track is filthy. I need more. Way fucking more.

Distant Relatives

P.U.T.S. are dropping a their seventh album, titled Carried Away, on October 13th. Last year’s Fun DMC was in heavy rotation along with the Funner Than Leather mixtape. Check the first 12″ off the album, “Trippin’ at the Disco” b/w “DQMOT”. Word!

Trippin' at the Disco

The Avett Brothers latest effort, I and Love and You, is available at Starbucks (or here for free). If you would have told me that five years ago when I was having drinks with them, in a shitty karaoke bar, after their show at a renovated Baptist church in Dahlonega, Georgia, then I would’ve told you that you were insane. Crazy times for the boys. Still wish that album cover was different though. Ugh.

Miles Tackett and crew drop more stellar grooves on the new Breakestra album, Dusk Till Dawn. Didn’t expect anything otherwise.

Dusk Till Dawn

For all the people super excited about Spike Jonze’s screen adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s “Where The Wild Things Are” coming out in a couple weeks, here’s the original soundtrack from Karen O and the Kids to get you psyched.

This video always cracks me up. Classic.

It had been a long time since I browsed the Overheard in New York website. Used to love reading the dialogues there a few years back. Some of them are hilarious. Looks like they started something new with “Wednesday One-Liners”. I happen to prefer the conversation style. Dig through the archives for a good laugh.

Check this shot via Khun Ree. Killer Mike, spittin’ a rhyme, and Dres tha Beatnik, sportin’ Esperanza threads, at Lenny’s in Atlanta, Georgia. Wicked nice.

Lee Starnes Photography

It’s October. Yeah already. Geez. Well, that means one thing, to me at least, here throughout Southern Thailand. Vegetarian Festival!

Mah Song Robes, Takuapa Shrine

Vegetarian Festival Flags at Takuapa Shrine

Jui Tui Parade, Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Jui Tui Shrine Parade, Phuket Town

If I lived in the ATL, I’d be hittin’ up the A3C Festival this weekend to check out P.U.T.S., Rakim, Black Sheep, J-Live (!), Collective Efforts, B.o.B., Kidz in the Hall, Blue Scholars, and Psyche Origami among many others in East Atlanta. Then I’d be checkin’ out Mayer Hawthorne at The Drunken Unicorn on the 6th. Then I’d be vibin’ out to Brownout and Lloyd’s Rocksteady Revue at The EARL on the 10th. Yo fellas, it’d be hella nice to be chillin’ with everyone back on the homefront. Miss ya guys. Jing Jing. Guidance.

New Jack Hustle - "Lionel"
Dussehra Festival

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