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Cheers to Esperanza for the heads up on Lint’s lo-fi performance at Blast Surf and Skate in Playa del Ray, CA. Check “The 11th Hour” (video/mp3) and “Olympia, WA” (video/mp3).


Madlib serves up a rare interview in the latest edition of LA Weekly. Check Jeff Weiss’ three-page article here.

Madlib - L.A. Weekly Interview

Psyched about the newest installment of the Madlib Medicine Show series. High Jazz serves up more vibes from the Yesterdays Universe with the addition of a few new projects to the collective. Sick.

Madlib Medicine Show #7: High Jazz

Aloe Blacc showcases a few tunes, off his upcoming album Good Things, at La Favela Chic in Paris. Counting the days until this record drops.

Need to catch up on the quality releases from Colored-Inc. Especially the Hard 2 Find series! Give their jukebox a listen for a superb mix of tunes from their catalog including an exclusive Grant Phabao ‘Jazz Rework’ version of “Could Be Bitter” from Carlton Livingston’s Bridge of Life LP.  Couple freebies are on offer over there as well. Grab Franck Biyong & Massak’s Afro-Beat tune “U.P.C.” off the Visions of Kamerun LP and Doctor L’s Spiritual Jazz x Slam Poetry tune “Vocal Kid-Napping” off his Land-Escape LP.


Hadn’t been over to Voodoo Funk in quite some time. Frank’s photos from a trip to Ghana and Nigeria earlier this year are on another level! Check ’em out. (Pic.1, Pic.2, Pic.3) Holy shit!

Voodoo Funk!

Check the sounds from the collaboration between Dr. Lloyd Miller and the Heliocentrics on their self-titled Strut release. Dig the vibes here.

Lloyd Miller and The Heliocentrics

Detailing the events that led up to the ‘Red Shirt’ protests, that took place from March until May in the Ratchaprasong district of Bangkok, would take way too long. To reference the issue, visit the Bangkok Post’s timeline titled ‘A Decade of Thai Politics’. Glad the conflict is over and some normalcy has been restored to the capital. Interesting to follow the daily events and see how it escalated. Had to wait for it all to calm down before heading there since the U.S. Embassy is located where the heart of the conflict took place and I was not afforded the time to just go and wait it out. Probably best for me as I would have undoubtedly put myself in a dangerous position by being overly curious to check out the situation. Ended up there a few weeks after and, aside from CentralWorld including Zen and other surrounding buildings being torched beyond repair, there was little to no evidence of any two-month standoff on the very streets where it all took place. The Big Clean-Up Day definitely accomplished its task. However, the damage had already been done in ways beyond physical evidence. Now, it is just waiting to see what event will take place next, when it will be and where. Check the Big Picture for some astounding photographs of it all. Set #1 and Set #2.

Ratchaprasong, Bangkok

Followed the NBA Playoffs via the choice selection of videos available at Would love to check the hardwood action via a live feed, but I ain’t got it. However, I tuned in to NBA Radio for Game 7 of the Finals recently. Nice to hear the voices of some of my favorite announcers in The Association; Jim Durham, Hubie Brown and Dr. Jack Ramsay. Legendary crew. Respect to the Lakers for grabbin’ the rings for 2010. Champions hold down home court for the last two games of a series and they did just that. Tip of the hat to the purple and gold.

Well executed shirt on someone’s behalf for this sweet Phil Jackson shirt. 11 rings for the Zen Master!

Phil Jackson - One for the Toe

The Golden State Warriors unveiled their new logo for the upcoming 2010-11 season and it is surely the best jersey The Association has seen in years. Inspired by “The City” jersey from 1966-71 (aka the most boss hoops jersey of all time) and others from that era. Killer! That Secondary Logo B would make a boss lid for sure.

Golden State Warriors

It’s World Cup time! Reason enough to finally purchase a television. First time I’ve had one of those in two and a half years and after flippin’ through the channels available on local cable, I was missing out on nothing exciting at all. Nice to have these games at the click of a button though. My selections to view the matches are either the Thai feed on Channels 3 or 7 with a clear picture and Thai commentary or the Astro Sports feed from Malaysia with a fuzzy picture and English commentary. I’ve opted for the Thai feed with a low volume and Dancehall/Dub vibes on the hi-fi (reminds of the State Street Soundsystem days back in 2002), then switching to the other feed at an eventful moment for some proper insight. Enjoyable thus far except for the horrendous sound of the vuvuzelas and the absolutely pathetic officiating.

Speaking of that Astro Sports feed. Malaysia, time to check yourself in the commercials department. At the half, they feature some of the dumbest fucking commercials I’ve ever seen. Amazing these things get funded by companies. Example #1: (shown immediately after the first half of every single match). Example #2: Cap Tangan’s Ngan Yin peanuts. (shown immediately after the commercial every single damn time).

While flipping the channels, I’ve seen very little awesome programming and a whole heap of garbage. Among the awesomeness were these: Speargun Hunter, Bob Munden using a revolver to open a safety pin by grazing the side of it from 15 yards away (no video, but downright amazing!), Michael Yon interview on MCOT, BBC World News, Buddha Bless’ video for “Fire“,  Monster Fish, Boomerang (hilarious to watch classic cartoons overdubbed in Thai).

Among the garbage were these: FOX News, Goldfrapp’s video for “Alive” (huh?), Star Channel from India (no video but some of the weirdest programming ever, like an acid trip gone wrong), Barney and so many other things that left me scratching my head.

This one is for Khun Ree. Captured among the insanity of Khao San Road in Bangkok. Remember this song (the first one in the video) from Phuket Town niteclub days.

[flv image=””][/flv]

Overheard on Khao San Road: “Yo brotha, can you spare a dollar?” – Guy from the States. Took me by surprise since asking for money is not a normal practice in Thailand and hilarious in the sense that if you are going to beg in a different country at least ask for the proper currency and find a place to do it that is not flooded with low-budget backpackers. Dumbass.

I’ve passed by this shop, in Phuket Town, a million times and have been wanting to post a picture of  it for years. Its name is Goo!.net. 555.


Collection of photographs taken in the last couple months.

Haad Bo Le, Koh Yao Yai

Haad Bo Le, Koh Yao Yai

Ao Lo Pha Lai, Koh Yao Yai

Ao Lo Pha Lai, Koh Yao Yai

Ao Pileh, Koh Phi Phi Le

Ao Pileh, Koh Phi Phi Le

Rasada Pier, Phuket Town

Rasada Shipyard, Phuket Town

High Above Samut Prakan

Over the Samut Prakan

Vespas and World Cup Fever on Khao San Road

Vespas and World Cup Fever on Khao San Road

Don Sak, Surat Thani on the way to Koh Samui

Don Sak, Surat Thani on the way to Koh Samui

My Backyard in Lamai, Koh Samui, Surat Thani

In My Backyard - Lamai, Koh Samui

In My Backyard - Lamai, Koh Samui

Dunza 2010 aka Blood Dunza
The Legendary H. Johnson

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