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Y Society (Insight + Damu the Fudgemunk) recently dropped the single and video for “Don’t Do It” which will be featured on Damu’s Supply for Demand EP due out late this year. The followup to their incredible debut album, Travel at Your Own Pace, remains one of my highly-anticipated platters to come. Titled Cold Crush Can’t Be Touched, it’s set to be released in early 2011. Counting the days already. Check this post for more insane beats from Damu the Fudgemunk.

Y Society - Don't Do It

Two cuts from the Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble as part of Grand Performances at California Plaza in Los Angeles on July 23rd. Looked incredible and I can only hope that this comes out as a CD/DVD set in the future.

Donny Hathaway’s “Someday We’ll All Be Free” featuring Bilal


J Dilla’s “Drips/Take Notice” featuring Flying Lotus


Would absolutely love to thumb through the Rancid photo book that accompanied their collector’s edition of Let the Dominoes Fall album released last year. The photography by Rob Naples and Rachel Tejada looks amazing. Simply don’t have a spare US$150 to drop for the set. Check some previews here.

Rancid Photo Book

Tim Armstrong on stage in Seattle, WA


Came across this track while watching some P.U.T.S. videos on YouTube. It’s “Give It Up” featuring J-Live on the mic and Thes One on the beats. Off the Impeach the Precedent compilation that came out back in 2005. Can’t find it anywhere though, so if ya got it, send it over. Would love to hear some of the exclusive cuts it contains. Update: Got it! Check it here.

Surprised to see my old stomping grounds of Home Park, Atlanta, GA included in the Generation Jihad program I watched a few weeks ago. Syed Haris Ahmed, one of the men featured in the series was a Georgia Tech student who lived on Ethel Street and the host, Peter Taylor, was in the area filming an interview with his father. Never knew about his arrest in 2006 (and conviction in 2009) and did a double take when they cut to that segment. Crazy.

Been watching the USA basketball team at the FIBA World Championship the past week or so. Damn I miss watching hoops (and playing hoops for that matter). The tournament has seen some quality action from competitive teams throughout the globe. Our squad is lacking some of the bigger names from The Association, but I won’t get on my soapbox about that. Just supporting the guys who did participate. Let’s get ’em and take home the championship on Sunday.

Speaking of the FIBA games, here’s a message to Malaysia’s Astro Sports channel. First, you can take the 2010 World Cup logo off your live feed. It’s been over for a couple months now. Get with it. Second, whichever American broadcaster you choose to do the games was a choice decision. I gotta figure out who that guy is ’cause his enthusiasm is unmatched. Even in such mediocre games as Jordan vs. Tunisia. Voice Immodulation Syndrome in effect! Cheers to you mystery announcer man!

USA Basketball

On the hoops note, big ups to Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone and the USA Basketball team from 1992 aka The Dream Team for their induction into the NBA Hall of Fame. Both players and all involved with the greatest team ever assembled were players I avidly followed as a kid and their game was always a pleasure to watch. Emulated their style on the blacktop week in and week out. Click the links for some highlights. Still wish I never got rid of this shirt from the Olympics in Barcelona. Killer threads.

Hollywood comes to the sleepy little town that I used to live in for a couple of years in Phang Nga. The movie The Impossible staring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts will start shooting in Bang Sak and surrounding areas in October of this year. Interested to check the film out and to see how they portray the events of the tsunami that struck there in 2004 which is the subject of the film.

Came across this image while browsing the Web recently. Well executed. Love the idea. Come to think of it, Jimi hasn’t been in the rotation for far too long. Gotta remedy that soon.

Jimi Unwound

Thoroughly enjoyed the interview conducted by Music Like Dirt with Laurence Cane-Honeysett, from Trojan Records, who has been rooting through the vaults, unpicking the scrambled or unlabeled 1/4-inch masters in search of undiscovered gems ripe for reissue throughout the past two decades. Sounds like one of the best jobs in the world to me.

After being taken over by Universal in 2007, from Sanctuary, and the subsequent lack of material since then and lack of updates to their once thriving website; I, naturally, got the feeling that the label had basically ceased operations. Pleased to hear that their vaults remain deep, the material hasn’t dried up as many thought and that he says there is a wealth of unreleased tunes remaining. Even more importantly, they are in the works of revamping their site as well as putting together more compilations and individual artist releases in the coming years. Nice! Long live Trojan! Your vibes have been well missed for too many years now. The following passage from the interview had me grinning from ear to ear. Shockingly amazing to be honest.

The golden age of Trojan, the mid-60s through to the late-70s, the amount of music produced during that time is nothing short of incredible. Even though we’ve released thousands of recordings over the last twenty years, it is just incredible for how much they could release which is much much more than has been. So, really only, I’d say, from what they’ve released is only about a quarter at most of what they have, so it’s about three-quarters of the catalog that has not been out on CD or in digital format.

Boom-shacka-lacka! It’s best to both read and listen to the interview as the audio version only serves up some of the highlights from the extended Q&A. Stream the interview below and check the transcription here. Pick up this collection of rare, crackly dubs and versions from the flipside of Trojan 7″s on offer as well.

Trojan Records

To celebrate six years of throwing incredibly dope parties, The Do-Over, normally held in L.A., made its way to Portland for the second of three monthly events. Renamed The Do-Oregon, the day featured a guest appearance from Ohmega Watts who was there to spit fire and chop beats. Grab his set below and read more about the event or pick up the other sets here.

Ohmega Watts – Live at The Do-Oregon; August 22nd, 2010

Ohmega Watts - Live at The Do-Over - Portland

While chillin’ at Rock Bar (named for its construction among massive granite boulders and not the genre of music), a reggae pub near Hinta Hinyai in Lamai, a song came on the soundsystem that took me by surprise. The lyrics were “In my house, there’s a picture on the wall. Rastafari sit upon his throne!” Very curious to get digging to identify the group as I always associated those lines with Slightly Stoopid’s “Cool Down“. Now I know their inspiration. It’s Natural Ites and the Realistics “Picture on the Wall”. Boss vibes.

Peep this fresh video for “Deaky” off Julien Dyne’s Pins & Digits. New Dimensions in Sound.

Congratulations to the FOX 97 team for their upcoming induction into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. Certainly well deserved as their programming was always top notch. So many fond memories of listening to Randy and Spiff in the mornings and all the other host spinning oldies throughout the day. Very sad day when that station changed formats and Atlanta lost its only oldies station. Glad to see they are back on the airwaves at WYAY 106.7. Looks like I’ll have to tune in sometime from afar. All the best guys!

FOX 97 Randy and Spiff

J.Period + Spike Lee + Micheal Jackson – Man or the Music (40 Acres Edition) was given away exclusively at the 2nd annual “Brooklyn Loves MJ” celebration in Prospect Park’s Nethermead Field back on August 29th. You probably weren’t there, so pick up the vibes here.

J.Period + Spike Lee + Micheal Jackson - Man or the Music (40 Acres Edition) - Front

J.Period + Spike Lee + Micheal Jackson - Man or the Music (40 Acres Edition) - Wall

Check the live set of Quantic & Nickodemus spinning at the Days Like This festival in Sydney, Australia. Wicked nice vibes from these boss deejays. Impeccable taste as always.

Quantic and Nickodemus

In the Span of an Hour at Laem Panwa
Ninja Crepes Internet

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