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It’s monsoon season here in Southern Thailand. A few weeks back I made my way over to Thong Takian Beach, next to my house, and was hoping to go for a swim. While I knew the sea was getting rough, I was still quite shocked to see the change when I rounded the corner. Click on the thumbnails to check some before, in August, and after, now, pictures.

Thong Takian, Koh Samui, Surat Thani Thong Takian, Koh Samui, Surat Thani Thong Takian, Koh Samui, Surat Thani Thong Takian, Koh Samui, Surat Thani

Mother Nature has dumped buckets upon buckets of rain on this country during November. First it was the central provinces and Isaan that got hit with torrid flooding. Then it was down here in the south. After being hit by a tropical depression, Koh Samui has been flooded out for the past couple weeks. The worst of the worst was down in Songkhla in the major city of Hat Yai where the water rose to 3 meters in places. While it is quick to point to the horrendous weather as the cause of this massive inundation, this Bangkok Post article provides insight into how the actions of people have made matters worse than they really should be. Regardless of the root of it, I wish all the best to everyone in various parts of the country who are recovering during this time.

Hat Yai, Songkhla

Hat Yai Flood

Ayuthaya Flood

Moving on to a lighter tone, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the upcoming set of five 7″s by the Aggrolites. Each pressing will be released monthly starting in December for a total of ten new tracks for your listening pleasure. Not too much information out there now on it, but check Young Cub Records for future updates and sound samples.

The Aggrolites Seven Inch Series

Came across this post one day. A glimpse into the booklet for Madlib Medicine Show No.7: High Jazz and the screen printing they did for the LPs. While downloading music is key and all; it doesn’t beat actually holding a record or flipping through the liner notes and artwork of a release. Cost over pleasure at this point I suppose. Would love to check out all those mock covers for the Yesterdays Universe collective. Looks dope.

Madlib Medicine Show No.7: High Jazz

Speaking of record jackets, artwork and liner notes for releases, how about the insanely killer design of the upcoming Psychedelic Aliens record titled Psycho African Beat on Voodoo Funk. Wow! I had little doubt that the vibes would be stellar, but no idea that the release would come packaged like this. Perhaps I gotta figure out how to cost-effectively get this one shipped halfway around the world. Don’t hesitate on picking this one up!…or you can opt for the equally nice box set of four 45s. Pure sweetness. Click here for more photos.

Psychedelic Aliens Artwork

Absolutely beautiful work by Dustin Ferrell on his Landscapes: Volume One collection of time-lapse sequences. Stunning! Be sure to give his other work a view as well. Makes me want to go back and visit the Southwestern U.S. again. Beautiful beyond belief there.


Regarding non-verbal films, the calendar is getting closer and closer to the release of Ron Fricke’s latest effort, Samsara,which is expected within the next year. Can’t wait for the day as I’m certain it will deliver a life-changing experience through jaw-dropping visuals in the same manner as Baraka. Read more about the film and stay updated via Spirit of Baraka.

Saw this French AIDS-awareness video recently on TV here in Thailand. Love the idea and love that it was airing on a public network. You’d never see something like this make it to the airwaves back home in the States.

Would’ve been sweet to check out the sounds of Clive Chin who brought his sound to Asia and teamed last month up with The Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem and selectors from the extended Randy’s family to mash up di dance throughout China. Click here the full poster.

Clive Chin and The Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem - October Tour 2010 China

Never heard of Clive Chin? Randy’s? Impact? 17 North Parade? Greensleeves? VP? Then it’s time to check The Story of Randy’s courtesy of United Reggae. The Chin family started a little record store in 1958 in downtown Kingston and over the course of time it went on to become the biggest label in the history of Reggae.

Most people probably don’t know it, but the Chinese immigrant population had a huge influence on the sound of Jamaica. From the original deejay, Tom the Great Sebastian aka Thomas Wong (this man alongside King Stitt and Count Machuki started what is presently known as Rap!), to producers and musicians like Justin Yap at Top Deck, Byron Lee, Leslie Kong at Beverly’s, Clive Chin at Impact!, and the mighty team of Ernest and Joseph “Jo Jo” Hookim at Channel One; the Chinese imprint on JA music from Ska to Rocksteady to Reggae to Dub to Roots & Culture is undeniable.

It’s been a month or so since the World Series-winning S.F. Giants knocked my Bravos out of the postseason, but I haven’t posted any ruminations since then. Therefore, I would be remiss to not recognize our veteran manager, Bobby Cox, for the contributions he made to the city of Atlanta and the Braves organization over the course of his storied career. All the best in your retirement and thanks for all the memories.

Thanks for the memories! Cheers to Bobby Cox!

Diggin’ the stripped down sound of the Street Dogs presented by Dying Scene Sessions on their exclusive videos of acoustic performances inclusive of a never-played-before track called “Pedestal”.

Check the latest track from Amy Winehouse (right click to save) taken from Quincy Jones’ upcoming Q: Soul Train Bossa Nostra album. On the Mark Ronson-produced cut she covers Leslie Gore’s “It’s My Party”.

Nice stop-motion animation video below from David Cox set to the “Love Dub” tune by Tommy McCook & the Supersonics. Rub-A-Dub!

Chikaramanga recently dropped the fourth 7″ in his six-part series. The track titled “T.R.E.S.Q.” features ESQ spittin’ fresh rhymes on the mic. Give it a listen below and pick up the first three pressings here.

Chikaramanga - T.R.E.S.Q. feat. ESQ

I’ve been hunting for years for the video to the song featured below. It is Vic Ruggerio performing an organ version of Willie Nelson’s “Always on my Mind”. While the song is great, the video is where it is at! Featuring Cris ‘The Wix’ Qualiana and filmed in the practice space at Jammyland (I think), it used to be on Hellcat’s site circa 2001, but disappeared one day. Regretfully, I don’t have a copy. Glad at least that this audio version popped up on the Web recently. If you happen to have this video, please send it over! If you prefer a better-quality, fuller-sound version performed by the entire Slackers crew, then check this live version from a show at the Middle East. Equally killer!

Did you see the J.Period and Black Thought collaboration on the Live Mixtape: Illadelph Edition at the Manifesto Festival in Toronto from a couple months back? Didn’t know he had done these live mixtape shows and the idea of bringing it all together with Black Thought solely only the mic was choice! Bet the full set of this was killer.


Never knew the cover artwork for Life Goes in Circles: Sounds from the Talent Corportation 1974-79, which showcases the work of the great Tommy Cowan, on the Pressure Sounds label was lifted from Freddie Hubbard’s Hub Cap released in 1961 on the Blue Note label. Love discovering stuff like this.

Freddie Hubbard - Hub Cap Life Goes in Circles

Sad to report the recent passing of Sonia Pottinger, the first female producer in Jamaican history. She operated the Tip Top Record Shop and ran a variety of imprints including Gay Feet, Tip Top, Rainbow and High Note. The roster of artists that she worked with include some of the finest vocalists on the island. Her legacy of beautiful Rocksteady and Reggae tunes remains. Nuff respect to Mrs. Pottinger who was truly harder than the rest! Below is one of the many tunes she produced that I love and have listened to countless times over.

Sonia Pottinger

Vegetarian Festival
Around Penang, Malaysia

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