Inside Outside

Inside Outside is a documentary about vandalism, art, and vandalism as art. It follows the lives and works of ZEVS from Paris, Ron English, SWOON and KR from New York City, Adams & Itso from Stockholm and Copenhagen respectively, and Os Gemeos from São Paolo, among others.

Inside Outside is a film about the energy artists get when working in the street. An energy they’re missing when exhibiting in galleries and museums, an energy that brings life to their art and to their own lives. It’s an energy that’s partly caused by the fact that everything these artists do in the street is illegal.

The Visible is Ephemeral

Inside Outside – Directed by Andreas Johnsen; 2005

Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Subtitles

“Inside Outside: Evolving Grafitti”; Chiemi Isozaki – PingMag

Inside Outside

Tsunami Memorial in Bang Niang

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