Is It a War or My Neighbors Blessing Their New Shop?

I was awakened yesterday morning not by my alarm clock, but by over a thousand fucking fireworks going off in front of my house at 7:00 am. Too bad there is no video documentation of me springing from my bed cause it’d be beyond hilarious to watch over and over. Talk about shitting a brick. In an instant I realized that I would be the worst fucking soldier that has every existed were I in the army.

Anyways, fireworks are not uncommon round these parts. As a matter of fact I hear them quite often. The difference is that most are usually somewhat distant from where I am standing. Let alone sleeping. So, the reason the onslaught of noise occurred was the grand opening of my neighbors’ Jatukham Ramathep amulet shop. Well, after being awakened, I drifted back to sleep to the tune of Buddhist prayers being played insanely loud out of their hi-fi. When I exited my house to head off to work, they greeted me with smiles and after describing my sudden awakening via charade-style, they all started laughing and then offered me massive amounts of food which I graciously accepted. Good times and good food.

Jatukham RamathepJatukham Ramathep

On a business note, Thai people love having their own business whether it is going to be successful or not. My neighbors’ shop isn’t going to sell jack shit in my opinion. Their selection is minimal in a flooded market, but they could care less about assessing conditions. Everybody has there own little niche that they fill, with food shops being by and far number one, and the best of all is the guy who pushes a cart full of straw brooms around. He comes by every other day and it just seems impossible that the demand for brooms is so strong, but, sure enough, he has been walking down my street ever since I started living here. I told my friend that I was gonna give him 100 baht, more to be nice and less because I really need another broom, and my friend told me that he’d probably give me five brooms. He’s right.

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