Jimmy Radway & The Fe Me Time All-Stars

Finally! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this platter since November 18th. Of course, if eMusic hadn’t canceled their service to Thailand, I would have had this gem on that very day. So be it, the list of records that fall into the same category goes on and on. Unlike this one, I’ m still waiting on most of them. Anyways…on to the music itself.

The Rough Guide to Reggae, perhaps the finest reggae book ever published, described this LP as “…one of the hardest dub albums ever released”. In response to that comment, the folks over at Pressure Sounds said “There’s not a lot we can add to that brief description of this set which features the production talents of Jimmy Radway and the mixing skills of Errol ‘ET’ Thompson. Dub music simply doesn’t get any better than this.”

Bass – Aston “Family Man” Barrett
Drums – Carlton “Carlie” Barrett
Guitar – Alva “Reggie” Lewis
Organ – Tyrone “Jackie Mithree” Downie
Saxophone – Cedric “Im” Brooks, Richard “Dirty Harry” Hall, Tommy McCook
Trombone – Vincent “Don D. Junior” Gordon
Trumpet – Bobby Ellis
Sound Engineer – Errol “ET” Thompson
Producer and Arranger – Jimmy Radway

Jimmy Radway & The Fe Me Time All-Stars – Dub I; Pressure Sounds, 2008

Dub I

The Stance Brothers
Third World Records, Kingston, JA

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