Jordan Weekend: Coming Soon

The greatest player to ever grace the hardwood will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on the weekend of September 10-12. Visit Gatorade’s promotion site and vote for your favorite MJ moment as selected by various sports writers.

I voted for “6 Treys, 1 Shrug” cause it was fucking awesome. I was glued to the TV when it happened and, afterwards, replicated him being “in the zone” over and over in my own driveway. I also got love for J.E. Skeets, so I’m helpin’ him out. However, it seems like the current vote leader “The Shot” will end up being the winner.

Jordan catches, moves laterally, elevates, hangs, continues to hang, releases the ball, buzzer sounds, nuthin’ but the bottom, Ehlo falls, MJ jumps up and defiantly pounds his chest. The rest is history.

The Greatest

Slam Dunk 2010: The Streets Shine

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