Jungle By Night – Hidden

Just got my hands on Hidden, the first full studio album from Jungle By Night. Thrilled to finally get a listen to this as I’ve been on the lookout for it for months now. Guaranteed to go directly into the heavy-rotation crate. Read more about the release here and pick up their previous releases below.

Jungle By Night – Hidden; Kindred Spirits, 2012

Jungle By Night is a 9-piece outfit, consisting of 15-22 year olds hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, who deliver an absolutely brilliant recording of Afrobeat- and Jazz-influenced vibes that hit on every cylinder. Two platters are on offer including the debut 7-inch, featuring two exclusive sides, as well as what the band has called their “mini-album”, a one-take studio recording session, with all cuts laid down live, which they put out as a precursor to their debut release, Hidden, which dropped in early April. Impressive!

Jungle By Night – Jungle By Night; Kindred Spirits; 2011

Jungle By Night – “E.T.” b/w “Get Busy”; Kindred Spirits; 2010

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