Kabanjak – Tree of Mystery

Kabanjak, one half of the block-rockin’ German hip-hop production and DJ duo Ancient Astronauts, presents his own musical vision with his debut solo album Tree of Mystery. Kabanjak not only tackles much of Tree of Mystery’s live instrumentation, including guitars, bass, keys, kalimba, flute, and melodica, but also teams up with various other vocal and instrumental talents: Ulf Stricker provides snapping live drum rhythms, DJ Brace provides cuts and scratches, poet Azeem drops conscious rhymes, and Sitali and Rykarda Parasol provide soulful incantations. With its broad spectrum of haunting melodies, rough riddims, and solid arrangements,spanning from Downbeat to Hip-Hop to Dub to Reggae, Kabanjak lets Tree of Mystery dig its roots deep into the musical underground and grow its branches right up into the sky!

Kabanjak – Tree of Mystery; ESL, 2010

Kabanjak - Tree of Mystery

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