Ken Boothe – Crying Over You Anthology 1963-78

Here’s a choice collection of sides from the one and only Ken Boothe highlighting his work throughout the mid-60s to late-70s.

Always loved the passage I read somewhere that mentioned if he were born in the American south at the same time, he would have gone on to be a star of the Soul scene and a household name on par with the likes of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. Very likely to have been true! Take a listen to his voice on these tunes and see if you don’t agree. If you’ve never heard Ken Boothe, then, well, you’re in for a treat.

Given that this set covers a huge amount of work in a 15-year span, it certainly isn’t comprehensive by any means. Regretfully, it leaves out some of my favorite sides including “Artibella” (!!!), “I’m Not For Sale”, “Thinking” and “Moving Away” just to name a few. Definitely still plenty of boss tunes though!

Ken Boothe – Crying Over You Anthology 1963-78; Trojan, 2001

Ken Boothe - Crying Over You Anthology

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