Kuala Lumpur x Koh Phi Phi

Recounting shows me how long it has been since I’ve posted some stuff. About a month ago, I had to take care of some visa stuff down in Kuala Lumpur. Havings been given whatever many days I needed to get it, I went to Koh Phi Phi for the weekend instead which proved to be an absolutely fantastic choice. Perfect weather in paradise. Can’t wait to go back and explore things more exhaustively.

I was with Khun Ree and some of his classmates and, after killing some Chang on the ferry over there, we showed up around 4 o’clock and grabbed some food. K. Ree and I took off to catch the sunrise at the viewpoint. Although we got there a bit later than my liking, it was nothing less than fantastic to chill up there. The pictures included certainly can’t do that feeling justice.

While up there, I start talking to some Indian guy who is there with three of his friends and after talking about whatever, he says they are all on study abroad from Georgia Tech. No fucking way. Some of them even lived in Glenn. Awesome. They took pictures of K. Ree’s Buzzcard and we cracked up about all kinds of Tech related things. Chilled out with them after that also, and after drinking one too many 100 Pipers and sodas and smoking some fatties, we proceeded to do the turn around and they’ve disappeared sorta thing. A la Josh Cain aka The Ghost.

Layed out on the beach and did some stargazing later. I had been anticipating seeing this for a long time. Crystal clear skies that felt like being inside the planetarium at Fernbank. Unreal. Relaxed more on the beach and watched a fire show and knocked back more drinks. Ended up at some terrible open air club playing house music and that lasted for about 20 minutes. It did result in K. Ree’s friend David trying to hit on about 9 girls in a row which proved to be beyond hilarious. He was so out of it that they would straight up be laughing with us at it and he honestly had no clue. Shot down, moving on, Shot down, moving on, Shot down, moving on. 55555. Oh yeah, five in Thai is “ha”, so a Thai text phrase is 55555….get it?

We got the hell out of that placed and just made our way back to the beach where we drank buckets, yes buckets, full of rum and coke. Argh! Difficult to remember. All I know is that I had every intention of sleeping on the beach so getting to the point of passing out was no problem since when I’d fall, I’d fall directly on to my bed. Sure enough I did and was awakened at 7 am by a monstrous thunderstorm. Guess it worked out well, cause I was awake as the first person on the beach, and met a kid who was on his way to work. He asked me to follow along and when we got to his restaurant we ate food, drank shakes, and smoked up. No worries. The place was over on Long Beach and required a cool trek through the forest to get over there. I was thinking it would truly be awesome to take this path to work everyday. Nice. Check the photographic evidence.

Anyways, I spent the day taking the trek back, but with a camera this time and snapping up photos left and right. Swam around and saw schools and schools of fish around me. I want to snorkel out further when I go back next time. Finally managed to track K. Ree back down at some point in the early afternoon before we had to hop on the ferry to head back. Unfortunately, in our drunken excursion K. Ree managed to leave his bag somewhere on the beach, disappear for hours before I fell asleep, and lose his camera and iPod. Fuck. Asked the people we were drinking with last and although the answer was “Haven’t seen it”, we felt like they were thinking “Can’t wait to listen to some tunes while taking pictures.” Fuck. K. Ree looked around until literally the last second before the ferry basically started to drift away from the dock, but to no avail. The journey was ended on a shitty note, but even that didn’t detract from the amazing scenery we were looking at while we departed Koh Phi Phi.

Gaw Pee Pee

8. So then it was off to KL for the visa stuff. I was gonna take a train down there, but the whole timing just didn’t work out. Considering a visa is a highly time-sensitive document, I decided it might not be the best idea to chance it with the tracks. Besides it was difficult in itself just to get some concrete information regarding when and where trains were departing from various locations. Phuket to Surat Thani to Haad Yai to Butterworth to KL. Yeah right, I foresee a million plus one obstacles in that endeavor. The flight was well worth the $47.00 I paid. Obviously we were heading south, so we got a killer view of Phuket and the rest of the Andaman Sea. Shots of Koh Phi Phi, Koh Yao, Krabi province and Trang province. Ridiculous stuff. Listened to the Ghana Soundz albums and daydreamed out the window for the hour-long flight.

Once I arrived in KL, I noticed it is one big fucking city. Perhaps one of the busiest places I have ever been. However, it pretty much is not my cup of tea. Hotter than a motherfucker. Full of Malaysians who possess a hundredth of the warmth that Thais have. Does have Petronas Towers which is…..tall. Bunch of other skyscrapers, one of the best transit lines ever (Nothing like the T though), Times Square mall which is 10 stories tall, has an amusement park in it, about five Phipps plazas, two movie theaters, an Imax theater, bowling alley, football field food court, and the best Chuck Taylors I have ever seen in my life. I wanted to swipe the credit card for about ten pairs, but I resisted. I was going to get at least one, but my top five were all sold out of my size. Highly limited editions the girl said. No shit I was thinking, I know my Chucks. Oh yeah massive amounts of fit women were found around the city. Fashion central. Did somebody say Esperanza KL? Wouldn’t be a bad spot I guess since money flows in and out of that city in massive amounts. Well, anyways, KL ain’t my bag, so I moved along back to Phuket.

The Thailand Blotter Pt.1
Killer Soundsystem

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