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Lee Perry - The Sound Doctor

Lee Perry – The Sound Doctor: Black Ark Singles and Dubplates 1972-78

The Upsetter still has gold that hasn’t been unearthed (or at least distributed in a fine collection such as this) to this day! Pressure Sounds dropped this gem a few months back, but it sat idly by in my record stacks until last evening when I tossed it on the turntable. Exceptional tunes!

Tony Fearon’s (aka Clinton Fearon of Gladiators fame) “Message to the Nation” dropped me to my knees. Incredibly powerful vibrations and a shining example of why I still dig for records. There’s always an unheard record out there waiting to be listened and to deliver the shot to the head that makes you think “Damn! How’d I go this long without hearing this?!” That was the case with this 45! With a dubwise version on the flip to boot, I was left shakin’ my head. Wicked!

Lee Perry – The Sound Doctor: Black Ark Singles and Dubplates 1972-78; Pressure Sounds, 2012

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  1. Brock

    Great to see your blog back in action. Google/Firefox has been blocking it for about 6 months, perhaps due to malware, etc. I always enjoy the excellent choice in tunes, and the scenery in your part of the world isn’t too bad either.

  2. Jill

    was just about to say the same thing as brock!
    ive been checking periodically for a while hoping it would be back up and running and was about to give up!
    that said, i love your blog.
    you, sir, are a purveyor of taste. i’m so happy you didnt stop blogging and will enjoy catching up on what i missed!

  3. thanks for the kind words. so busy lately, but i’m gonna start getting posts up regularly again. keep checking back and let me know what you dig! all the best!

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