Life at the Gazette

So I came here to teach, but like many things, it didn’t quite workout that way. A week or so after the TEFL class ended and I was job hunting, I got an offer from the newspaper here and decided to go ahead and grab the job for the time being. Teaching would have taken me to China and I was literally days away from moving to Dalian, China which is across the bay from Beijing, but then the job here came through.

The newpaper is the Phuket Gazette and is one of two English papers here. It is connected with The Nation based in Bangkok and is a pretty popular paper here, I think the circulation is around 300,000 or so, not sure but I thought I saw that somewhere.

I’ve been over there since the first week of April and it’s been goin’ rather well since I started. There are some things I dig, and plenty of other things that leave me dumbfounded. I’ve been doing Adobe Pagemaker layout for their advertising stuff. I also do editing for all types of stories from both writers who are native English speakers and from our Thai staff of reporters.

As one can imagine, even though it didn’t quite dawn on me until I got down to the nuts and bolts of trying to decipher it, translating a Thai’s written understanding of English can be a damn near impossible task at times. That part of the job isn’t completely awesome by any means, but I guess it’s manageable.

The major problem with the company is their pitiful means of communication throughout different parts of the organization, which can make for a shitty job situation when you are trying to get answers to the methods that they wish to use. Frustrating doesn’t half describe it.

Well, needlesstosay, I’ll keep you updated on my means of employment when they change. Slidin’ on…..

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