Life…It’s Amazing

Apparently, Santa Claus really does exist. It’s not me however, I just play one annually. Here’s the story of how my belief in Ol’ Saint Nick was reignited this past holiday season.

It was late-July when I got notice of the new fall line from Brixton. Stellar lids and threads as usual and I gravitated to the new version of the “Castor” fedora immediately. Eyed the natural-straw model (not shown on the site anymore, but can be seen here) for weeks and then decided I was gonna fork over the cash for one. Unfortunately, the shipping costs to Thailand were outrageous to say the least, so my plan was nixed.

In the weeks and months to follow, I thought of asking Santa Claus (who I had always thought was my parents) to give it to me for Christmas and have it included in the next package they would send my way. Never did though and kinda figured I could just live without it.

Well…on Christmas Eve, I was suiting up in my Santa Claus costume for the surprise arrival, via longtail boat mind you, to our gala dinner on the beach, and had to stop by the housekeeping office to get some safety pins. I opened the door and, lying atop the table, was a fuggin’ natural-straw Brixton Castor!

After simultaneous eyes buggin’ out, doin’ a triple take and my jaw droppin’ to the floor, I picked it up to see that the size was perfect. The manager told me the room that had checked out earlier that day had left it behind and it was all mine if I wanted it. She didn’t even have to finish the sentence before I was rockin’ it and makin’ my way out the door. Amazing how life works sometimes.

Brixton Castor

Brixton Castor

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