Lint Rides Again!

This might be my favorite day of the year because that platter has finally fucking dropped my people! That platter being the much anticipated long player from Lint aka Tim Armstrong aka Dopest Pimp West of the Mississippi. I had been checking religiously for a new tune off the album as I thought it was solely gonna be a digital release, but here I am at the cafe tonite, and decided to do the usual ‘A Poet’s Life” checkup that always ends with disappointment, but, alas, tonite is different. Not just one song was available, but the whole damn vault opened up. Can’t wait for this muthafucka to finish downloading so I can go home and get down to some boss rocksteady vibrations. He also made a video for every song and they can be seen over at Epitaph’s site. The disc is supposed to have all the videos and a documentary showing the making of the album which I’d love to view. The cherry on top of this whole delivery is a lost EP by The Silencers that I had no idea even existed, and I have surely researched each and every element of the Rancid punx crew. The second cherry on top is Rancid’s acoustic sessions from Seattle that was recorded a few years back. The third cherry on top is the new photoblog from Lint. The links for all are provided below for your listening pleasure. Life will never be the same after tonite…..

Tim Armstong: A Poet’s Life

Video Accompaniments

The Silencers: Obscure Dub Sessions


Rancid: Acoustic Session: The End Radio, Seattle.WA 11.12.2003


Lint’s New PhotoBlog



Blue Scholars: Bayani
Radio Citizen: Berlin Serengeti

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