Lord Quas

Kid Robot and Stones Throw have teamed up to release the Quasimoto figure which is 8-inches tall, comes in either yellow or blue, and is inclusive of a brick and a spliff. The history of Lord Quas is detailed below as written by Jeff Jank, art director for Stones Throw.

Madlib has told the story a few times in interviews about how he created Quasimoto, aided by some chemicals, as someone to rap on his beats for his own private listening while living in Oxnard, CA, in the 90’s. Peanut Butter Wolf heard some of these tapes and eventually convinced Madlib to release them as The Unseen (2000), an incredible album which brought Madlib his first widespread recognition.

The visual character of Quasimoto – a.k.a. Lord Quas – developed seperately. One of Quasimoto’s first appearances on a record was Lootpack’s “Whenimondamic”. In the video, Wildchild rapped the lines from Quasimoto made up to look something like the Draags from the 1973 animated film La Planète Sauvage. When I met Madlib in 1998 I was told that he watched this movie constantly and had even made his own private soundtrack. References to La Planète Sauvage pop up again and again in Quasimoto music and artwork.

The Quas character we know today was first drawn by DJ Design (credited as Keith Beats) for Quasimoto’s “Microphone Mathematics” single. I adapted this character for the artwork inside The Unseen CD and subsequent singles. At the time, Quasimoto was literally suppose to be “unseen” – he’s the semi-invisible figure sitting in the car seat on the cover of The Unseen. This little furry character with the snout was just meant to represent the lyrics for the song “Bad Character”. As the album took off and we used the character on a t-shirt, the public began to refer to this character as Quasimoto himself. We just went along with it. Madlib apparently sees him this way now too, as Quasimoto refers to himself, “yea, I got a brick,” in the lyrics for his second album.

We’ve often been asked, what is he, an alien? An anteater? Take-off on Alf or the video game Q-Bert? Definitely none of the above. The answer is we’re still figuring it out … and still waiting on Madlib’s next Quasimoto album.

Lord Quas in a Box at the Stones Throw store

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Lord Quas

Lord Quas

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