Lotus Vegetarian: Hella Arroy

Recently, I listed a bunch of crazy foods that I have eaten, but literally everyday I go to Lotus Vegetarian restaurant. They speak basically zero English, and I’m not sure if they understand why I keep coming back. Hey, I’m down with trying new stuff while I’m here, but not all the time. They serve it up just like Green Thumb back home.

All the favorite meat dishes, but with no meat. Yeah all you purist carnivores will never understand, but it is heavenly. They truly appreciate me coming there and when I say “pop-kan-poonee” which means “see you tomorrow” they believe it.

Pictures will come of me and the same worker who is there everyday. They also have the coldest air conditioning in Thailand, and that is a huge bonus. They don’t care if I sit there for hours and do my schoolwork, and I don’t care either. Here in Thailand, they never shove you off, they wait for you to say you are done. Unlike Osteria, where it would be highly frowned up if you just let people RELAX at a table. Burn and Turn. Ugh.

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