Medline – People Make The World Go Round

Medline is a musician, producer and DJ from Rennes, France with roots in Chile. Born Orlando Diaz Corvalan, Medline calls his music brown music – a mix of Afro, Latin, Funk and Jazz with a Hip-Hop state of mind. With his debut album People Make The World Go Round, the French producer is taking us on a trip down memory lane by paying tribute to the Jazz-Funk masters who’s music shaped the musical DNA of Hip-Hop.

From Roy Ayers and Lonnie Liston Smith to Freddie Hubbard and the Heath Brothers. Songs like “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”, “Red Clay” or “Smilin’ Billy Suite” have been a staple amongst Hip-Hop and Jazz fans alike for a long time, but the album is more than a sample song-book of ’90s rap. Medline reinterprets the songs in his very own way. A beatmaker by trade, Medline acts as a one man orchestra playing every instrument himself with a strong focus on the flute and, on three songs, he is joined by Roni Alkekengi who’s sultry vocals are a perfect match. Think Herbie Mann joins Yesterday’s New Quintet with a headnod towards Broken Beat.

Medline – People Make The World Go Round; Self-Released, 2013

Medline - People Make the World Go Round

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