Mee Kwam Suk Wan Gert EK!

Yo Ek! Happy Birthday dude! Sorry to hear of the theft that occurred on your pleasant evening, It happens to the best of us, and I say that because its happened to me at least once every year since I purchased a car when I was sixteen, that is why I just drove without a stereo for the last year or so prior to moving to here.

Besides, nobody gave a shit about hearing my Abyssinians records in the streets anyways. I’ve always had a tough time blasting music because my physical appearance never matched my musical tastes. I remember rocking out to Stubborn All-Stars, Sizzla, Merle Haggard, etc., etc, etc., and receiving the strangest looks from people. My response was always the silent middle finger salute to them all.

The One EK knows the saying “There are only two types of music in the world: good or bad”. That comes from the lips of the great Duke Ellington. Abide by this and the free mind will follow, at least in terms of independent musical investigations.

The One EK and The One Squat sans The One Nero

I saw my first Thai bar brawl tonite, when something obviously was said out of line, and some guy got numerous bottles smashed across his skull. Hey, you fuck up anywhere, and its lights out for you. My Thai friends told me he was likely part of a rival crew and made some comments that were out of line in that establishment. I thought it was fucking fantastic. Come to the ATL or BeanTown and try to tell the locals to go to hell, and see what happens, it isn’t gonna be pretty. Who knows what happened, but unfortunately it ended our evening tonite because nobody stuck around after that.

John Brown! John Brown!
NBA Slam Dunk 2007

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