Menahan Street Band – The Crossing

What a pleasant surprise to come across this today! Had no idea this was set to be released. Guaranteed more stellar vibes from the exceptional Brooklyn-based Menahan Street Band. Certainly don’t hesitate on this gem!

If you’ve been sleepin’, here’s their debut record, Make the Road by Walking; a non-album 7″, as well as a their material with Charles Bradley including the “Heart of Gold” 7” and the No Time for Dreaming LP. All choice!

Menahan Street Band – The Crossing; Dunham, 2012

Finally, two weeks after posting this, I got a chance to give this a proper listen. Incredible set of tunes with “Three Faces” being my favorite on the record. Had to re-drop the needle on this groove a few times. Ill sounds!

Darrell Banks
CTI Records - The Cool Revolution

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