Mishka spent his childhood on the Caribbean and European high seas. He has since grown up to craft some beautifully laid-back vibes which combine his stellar vocals, superb songwriting ability and deft guitar skills. I first started listening to him circa ’99 and, at the time, didn’t know more than five people who had ever heard of him. Since then, he has gone on to produce three more studio albums along with a dub session of his works in collaboration with Mad Professor and became the first artist (and sadly only at this point) signed to Matthew McConaughey’s j.k. livin label which has taken him to higher places.

I’ll never forget going to see him at the Tabernacle in Atlanta back in June of 2005. He opened for The Roots and Floetry and I am positive that my friend, Abbey, and I were the only people who were aware of who he was. To my shock, my friend left after he finished his set saying she didn’t care about seeing The Roots play live. Obviously, I stayed. It’s the f’n Roots! I took advantage of the free drink tickets being given away by the KOOL-cigarettes girls and got hammered on Long Island Iced Tea while hangin’ out with strangers. Fantastic evening and one that I never imagined would happen. Mishka opening for The Roots. Amazing.

Anyways, if you’ve never heard of Mishka, I recommend starting from the self-titled debut album (1999) and progressing chronologically from One Tree (2005) onto In Dub (2007) then Above the Bones (2009) and, lastly, Talk About (2010). It’ll show you how his sound has developed over the years and I doubt you’ll be disappointed with what you hear.

Mishka - Self-Titled Mishka - One Tree

Mishka with The Mad Professor - In Dub Mishka - Above The Bones

Mishka - Talk About The Man Called Mishka

Lee Perry - Sound System Scratch: Dub Plate Mixes 1973-79

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