Missing H. Johnson and Jazz Classics

I miss H. Johnson so much from WABE 90.1 FM back in the ATL. I gotta start listening via web. I will die thinking he is the coolest man to ever walk the Earth. He’d bring a smile to my face ever time his wonderful voice would come across the air. I have his email address, and I’m gonna make my best attempt to impress him with some musical knowledge, but I already know I gotta offer some rare groove, cause he is on his game.

He hit the back burner for a while, largely cuz my crap Aiwa stereo couldn’t even pick up a station that was four miles away, but once it was resolved I listened nearly every Saturday, and the first time I tuned back in I knew why I was an idiot for not making the extra measure to hunt that airwave down. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, its 90.1 FM near the left hand side of the dial and it is 9:00 pm – 2:00 am every Saturday.

So, the first time back listening for me, he plays some wicked jam, and starts singing along. This is typical fashion except he sang and hummed along to the whole fifteen minute groove. Only at the end when he intended to turn the mic back on did he say he thought the mic was off the whole time. Fuckin classic. I listened every Saturday from then on, and didn’t regret not socializing on a Saturday nite in the least bit.

Listen to Jazz Classics with H. Johnson on WABE 90.1 FM, Atlanta

Somebody take a quality photo of this legendary man. Can’t find anything on the Web. Oh well, it’s his voice and style that make him “the coolest cat ever”.

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