Motorbike Insanity

Phuket has a death rate of about 3.5 people per day from vehicle accidents. Motorbikes are the main way most people die, and often it is during high season over near the resort areas of Patong, Kata, or Karon.

So, having had this useful knowledge at hand, I learned how to ride a motorbike a few weeks ago, and it is surely simple as cake even though I had made it out to being a far more difficult task that it really is. My friend left hers over at my place a few Sundays ago and told me I could use it all day if I wanted. So I did. And what was gonna be just some practice around the area turned into me riding all the way up to Surin Beach around dusk and it was really fun but also scary as fuck at the same time. Especially since I was on Thepkrassatri Rd which is main drag on the east part of the island and is the only way out of the province for any vehicles. Bit of a whiteknuckle ride when those huge coach buses are flyin past you. I still don’t think I wanna get one cause it is truly some dangerous shit. Besides, rainy season is coming up and as it’s already maniacal, it’s even more so when torrential downpours spill outta the sky.

I’m looking into getting some transport though cause I need to get to exploring this area way deeper and getting there is half the battle. In due time….For now, I’ll take my chances with the person I’m riding with I guess.

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