Moving On…

I’m going to be leaving the Gazette sometime in the next month or so. While I’ve bitched about the job quite a bit, it really isn’t that bad of a gig. For someone who has only lived here six months, my knowledge of Phuket in terms of its geography, people, culture, government, and the way the all function together is a million times more than others. The job isn’t terrible by any means because it is super relaxed and operates under the notion of just getting the job done by the deadline. I’ve developed a comfortable niche here doing advertising editing and page layout as well as grabbing a few of our features as my own as well as pushing the raw copy from our Thai reporters through to print in the mean time.

Everyone here is really nice, but the problem mostly lies in the fact that lines of communication around here are miserable and the employee turnover among the editors is the highest of any job I’ve ever held in my life. I’m the veteran of the team with a 5-month tenure. The upside is that nobody ever keeps tabs on me for anything, and, in fact, over the course of this week, I wrote this entire post on the job. Key!

So, I’m not sure where I’ll be headed after this. I’m either going to work with a friend of mine in the properties market here in Phuket which would be an absolutely sweet gig. It’s a family affair kind of gig that is essentially a “you do what I need you to do, and you’ll be set for years.” Hopefully it’ll pan out but as for now it is up in the air because our investors are still purchasing land at the Land Execution Dept. auctions throughout August and once the information becomes more concrete then decisions can be made.

If it doesn’t work out, then I’m gonna work with another friend of mine who retired from the Gazette about a month ago. I know it’ll be a teaching position at a resort, but I’m not sure which one. We used to vent all the time about the back-asswards operation that the Gazette runs, and he said that when I left to just give him a call and he’d set me up in a comfortable position. Looks like the day will come before I know it and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it all goes down.

One thing is for sure, I won’t be holding any of the positions listed below because The Alien Occupation Law of 1973 states that foreigners are prohibited from engaging in the following occupations. The list is hilarious and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
They include the following as well as some others that actually do make sense:

  • Woodcarving.
  • Shop attendant.
  • Auctioneer.
  • Gem cutting and polishing.
  • Hair cutting, hairdressing and beautician work.
  • Making hand-woven products.
  • Mat weaving or making of wares from reed, rattan, kenaf, straw or bamboo pulp.
  • Making fibrous paper manually.
  • Manufacture of “kruang kern” (gold-stenciled Thai woodwork).
  • Production of Thai musical instruments.
  • Manufacture of “kruang tom” (Similar to “kruang kern”).
  • Working with gold, silver, bronze or other precious metals.
  • Making Thai dolls.
  • Manual production of silk products.
  • Making of Buddha images.
  • Manufacture of knives.
  • Fabrication of paper or cloth umbrellas.
  • Shoemaking, hat making, and dressmaking.
  • Making pottery or ceramics.
  • Manual cigarette rolling.
  • Thai-character typesetting.
  • Hawking goods.

Um………what the hell?

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