NBA Slam Dunk 2007

Yo fellas? You seen the Dwight Howard Sticker Dunk yet?. Many of you haven’t seen this because I’ve always been the only individual who gave a shit about NBA basketball, and the pinnacle of the season is the Dunk Contest. The second season starts after that which is when the elitist teams show their face, but seriously did you check out the slam fest.

Okay, D-How (I made that one up on the spot for HOW-Did he do that….) did a dunk where he put a sticker of himself at the top of the backboard that was measured at 12’6”. That’s 12 feet 6 inches for those who don’t know how to read measurements. Ok, simply nuts just to think about, let alone dunking the ball in a wicked throwdown fashion, not too elegant, but 12’6”. Are you fucking serious? Guess what the score was???? Yeah a fucking 42. Not a 45 like I mentioned in a previous email. Here is the run down: 8, 8, 8, 9, 9!!!! The culprits of this thievery were his divineness Air Jordan, the Master Dr.J, and ATL’s very own Dominique with someone else tossing in a 9 and Kobe tossing in a 9.

To hell with you all. Sickest dunk possibly ever that has been cheated with AI Pt.2’s behind the backboard dunk as a very close second. I rank D-How’s as the most robbed dunk in the history of competition. The man put a sticker of himself with the quote “ All things through Christ”….Paul 3:16 at the top of the backboard. Think about touching the top of a backboard, putting a sticker of yourself on it, and then throwing down with authority. Yeah take a second. There ya go…..simply fucking bananas. Most underrated dunk ever.

They need replay for these judges seriously. TNT video proves that had he gotten to the second round, he was gonna kiss the rim, and then do a reverse jam…check it. Bananas.

Can’t wait till next year to see it. I love his professionalism in the matter which consisted of him saying it was cool, but he’d just have to dunk on everybody in the second part of the season to prove his point. This kid is soooooooo legit its ridiculous, and he was raised properly which comes across as a unique thing in the NBA. Georgia on my mind.

Gerald Green aka G-$$$, killed it like I knew he would. Kid has bananas ups and likely will always have unless he pulls a Shawn Livingston. I want him to do so well, but he is the epitome of someone who should have hit up college instead of going straight to the pros. He has the springs, but basketball isn’t all about that. We’ll see.

Big ups to Red Auerbach and Beantown!

Red Auerbach

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