Nickodemus and Goodtimes Present The Earthchild Project

After launching the NextAid project in South Africa, to raise money for the loveLife’s Go-Getters program in South Africa, Nickodemus and Goodtimes recorded the children from Sakumlandela Primary School’s Earthchild Project along with Zolani and Kyla from the band, Freshlyground. These recordings were then remixed by the likes of Nickodemus himself, Circuswing, Zeb, The Pimps of Joytime and Tal M. Klein to create this special album. Check the sounds below and, if you like what you hear, support the cause by donating money to the organization through purchasing the album here.

Nickodemus and Goodtimes – Present The Earthchild Project; Wonderwheel, 2010

Nickodemus & Goodtimes present The Earth Child Project

The Earthchild Project

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